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HR Organizational Chart Audit for Large and Selective Colleges and Universities

EAB experts will assess your institution's HR organizational chart to help you maximize your institution’s investment in HR staffing.

Amid high levels of turnover and increased competition with out-of-sector organizations, higher ed leaders are asking more of their human resources (HR) units than ever before. Yet, few HR units have modernized their structures, roles, or functional capabilities to meet these changing expectations.

Additionally, higher ed HR budgets are typically much lower than other industries, limiting their resources and capacity to meet this increased pressure on HR teams to deliver efficient, quality service.

Financial pressures and out-of-sector competition prompt urgent questions about HR structure


of out-of-sector HR units that have or will restructure between 2020 and 2024


lower budgets in higher ed HR units compared to other industries

What is EAB’s HR Organizational Chart Audit?

To help campus leaders understand how to structure their HR team to be more efficient and effective, EAB offers an HR Organizational Chart Audit for large and/or selective Strategic Advisory Service partners.

You will receive a customized report that benchmarks your institution’s HR structure against 10 progressive peer institutions.

What we’ll assess

EAB will review your institution’s HR organizational chart and directory to benchmark the following elements:

  • Ratio of central HR staff to employees
  • Composition of HR roles (e.g., business partner)
  • Number of direct reports to the chief human resource officer
  • Core, common, and emerging HR functions
  • Structure and composition of talent acquisition team (e.g., number of recruiters compared to peers)

To request this audit for your institution, fill out the form below or email us at [email protected]. Your Research Strategic Leader will follow up to confirm its receipt and next steps.