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Partner Service

Job Description Audit for Colleges and Universities

Request this audit to have an EAB expert assess your institution's job descriptions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Job descriptions are one of the first opportunities institutions have to appeal to and engage prospective applicants. Yet, higher ed job descriptions often fail to attract applicants compared to job descriptions from other industries.

On average, higher ed job descriptions are harder to read, require more years of experience, and rarely focus on why an applicant would want to work at an institution. With competition for talent at a high point, it is more important than ever for job descriptions to put the institution’s best foot forward.

How higher ed job descriptions scare off talent


longer than out-of-sector job descriptions


fewer words on the value proposition for employees


did not specify benefits (e.g., healthcare, time off)

What is EAB’s Job Description Audit?

To help campus leaders avoid common job description mistakes and better attract prospective applicants, EAB offers a Job Description Audit for Strategic Advisory Services partners.

You will receive a customized report that includes distinct strengths, concrete opportunities for improvement, and sample language from exemplar job descriptions.

What we'll assess

EAB will review three job descriptions and assess them across the categories below:
  • Navigation

    How easy is it for potential applicants to find and read your job descriptions?

  • Barriers to entry

    Do your job descriptions offer flexible requirements to eliminate barriers to entry?

  • Value

    Do your job descriptions emphasize the value and benefit of working at your institution?

Ready to improve your job descriptions?

If you are a Strategic Advisory Services partner and you would like to request this audit for your institution, log in and fill out the form below, or email us at [email protected]. You have the option to submit up to three links to your institution’s job descriptions. After you submit your audit request, your Research Strategic Leader will follow up to confirm its receipt and next steps.

If you are not a partner, learn more about Strategic Advisory Services here.