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Academic Affairs Organizational Benchmarking Survey

Participate in our Academic Affairs Organizational Benchmarking Survey to maximize your academic affairs unit’s operational efficiency in higher ed.

Many provosts manage large, heterogenous portfolios, and are curious how peers structure their reporting relationships. As academic leaders feel more pressure to foster both greater efficiency in operations and greater collaboration on cross-campus issues, an opportunity has emerged to re-examine organizational charts.

EAB has launched a survey to help institutions discover the evolving practices and norms in academic affairs offices, offering institutions the opportunity to compare their organization’s structures and functions to those of their peers. The survey of provosts/chief academic officers should only take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

All institutions that complete the survey will receive a report with overall findings across all institutions, plus a custom report that compares your institution’s responses to those of institutions in its segment (e.g. small private, large public, etc.).

Example topics that the survey will cover

  • Staff numbers

    Number of direct reports in academic affairs units

  • Planned changes

    Intended changes to academic affairs office/unit structures

  • Reporting structures

    Offices/functions that report directly to the provost

  • Meeting frequency

    Frequency of meetings between provost and direct reports