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Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Research and expert advice to help you secure share in a competitive market

Deep, Collective Adult and Grad Ed Market Expertise


Professional and Adult Education partners across North America


market insight analyses completed for partners


workshops and retreats with cabinets, boards, and working groups each year
Research and Advisory

Secure Your Share of a Competitive Market

The graduate and professional education landscape is evolving, and your strategy needs to keep pace. Our best-practice research, advisory, and analytics provides employer-focused market research, marketing and recruiting strategy studies, and implementation resources to help you compete in a crowded market while supporting institutional goals. 

Strategic Planning and Support

Future-Proof Your Professional and Adult Education Strategy

From staying ahead of a fast-changing market and responding to shifts in consumer behavior to using organizational design as a competitive advantage, our best-practice research, tools, and tailored advice will help you prepare for the future of professional and adult education. 

  • Identify High-Demand Programs Poised for Growth 
  • Avoid Costly Programs with Limited Demand  
  • Compete on Student Outcomes 
  • Develop Student-Centered Credentials 
  • Understand Short-Format Market Opportunity 
Custom Analyses and Consultation

Build a Blueprint for Growth with Market Insights

Our custom market insights reports help you identify high-demand programs poised for growth, avoid costly launch of programs with limited demand, and support data-driven resource allocation decisions. 

  • Enrollment and conferral trends 
  • Competitor program positioning 
  • Prospect-facing website and inquiry process audits 
  • BLS projections and census data 
  • Peer program curricula audits 
Networking and Professional Development

Harness the Perspective of a Global Network

Our professional, continuing, and online education leadership summits bring together the experience, knowledge, and perspective of researchers, administrators, and practitioners to deliver you the best ideas to take back to your institution. 

Dedicated Advisors

Each of our partners works with a dedicated Strategic Leader who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our experts become an extension of your team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Talk to Our Team
Jennifer Lerner
Jennifer Lerner

Senior Director, Professional and Adult Education Forum

Specialties Online Learning, Community Colleges, Faculty Development
Savon Sampson
Savon Sampson

Senior Director, Strategic Research

Specialties Academic Program Innovation, Admissions, Alternative Credentials, College and University Strategy, Employer Partnerships, Marketing and Recruiting, Organizational Design, Strategic Planning

Research and Insights


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Creating a school of professional studies was a gigantic leap for this institution. Having EAB to support and validate that we had the right kinds of ideas.. [was] critically important.


Karen Sibley

Emeritus Dean, School of Professional Studies, Brown University

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