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Partner Stories

How UMBC Built a Hiring Strategy That Balances Today's Talent Priorities with Future Challenges

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) is a public R1 university in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 1966, its mission is to foster student education in a diverse, inclusive environment.

Baltimore, MD
  • Opportunity

    UMBC experienced a significant decrease in applications after the COVID-19 pandemic. The team needed a new strategy to keep UMBC competitive in the new hiring environment and prepare for the predicted decrease in the workforce in the next few years.

  • Solution

    UMBC applied guidance from EAB’s strategic talent research to shift their hiring strategy. They implemented quick-wins like adding salary ranges to job descriptions, removing a hard close date from postings, and more intentional sourcing for internal candidates.

  • Impact

    UMBC is preparing for the future by thinking about how the enrollment cliff will impact the workforce in the years to come. They developed built-in opportunities to regularly audit their hiring practices using market data, and feedback from hiring managers and candidates to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.


One key thing I brought back [from EAB] is an understanding that we are not unique in our challenges. From budgets to space planning to admissions, many institutions are experiencing the same thing, and there are EAB resources to help us solve them.


Kelly Coleman, HR Director


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