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Partner Stories

How Northampton Community College Simplified Compliance Reporting with Automated Data Preparation

Northampton’s New Process with Edify Saves Valuable Staff Time

Northampton Community College is a public two-year college with three campuses in Pennsylvania. 65% of their students are first-generation, and 96% of recent graduates are employed or continuing their education.

Large Public Community College
Northampton County, Pennsylvania
  • The Challenge

    Northampton struggled to meet annual compliance reporting requirements due to an ineffective data management process. It took weeks to complete each reporting cycle, and they often missed deadlines and requirements.

  • The Solution

    In Summer 2022, Northampton partnered with Edify, EAB’s education data and analytics solution, to automate their compliance reporting process by creating saved, repeatable workflows that mirrored both IPEDS and state report structures. Northampton’s IE staff were then able to easily run their reports, check for errors, and submit them on time.

  • The Results

    With ongoing support from EAB’s professional services team, they saved hundreds of hours and expect to save even more in future cycles. With automated, repeatable workflows in place, they will be able to pull future reports, validate the data and submit both state and federal reports in less than a day. Automating a necessary process like compliance reporting has freed them up to focus on projects supporting their primary data goal: to create a culture of data confidence across the institution.

Impact Highlights


of staff hours saved, now and in future reporting periods


State funding loss avoided with Edify and support from EAB’s professional services team

It’s really about the partnership. It’s a whole team. A lot of companies have that standard customer success manager model, but EAB does it differently. Our strategic leader and technical project manager are always there asking, ‘Are we meeting your goals at a strategic level? Are we meeting what we promised we would do for you?


Brian Gardner, Chief Information Officer