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How to Combat 'Digital Sprawl' on Your Campus

Guests examine the proliferation of purpose-built applications and IT systems that have taken over college campuses and offer tips on ways to tame that beast through digital transformation.

COVID-19 Threats to Campus Cybersecurity

EAB’s Chief Information Security Officer Brian Markham covers everything from technical challenges posed by campus closures to “Zoombombing” to the latest phishing scams.

How to Manage Student Success Data

Experts discuss the technology and processes used by forward-thinking institutions to define, track, and report on metrics that matter in assessing student success.

How to Create the Hybrid College Experience Both Students and Staff Prefer

Experts share tips on how to reconfigure your facilities and technology to create the multi-modal campus that both students and staff prefer.

How to Motivate University Leaders to Support Enterprise IT Investments

IT experts share tips on ways to help university leaders understand how technology investments will help them make better, data-informed strategy decisions.

Are Student Success Leaders Ready to Embrace Data and Analytics?

EAB experts discuss results from a new poll of student success leaders that shows a surprising surge in their willingness to embrace data-informed decision-making.

How to Solve the Data Activation Challenge at Your Institution

Experts offer a brief tutorial on how to organize, access, and extract useful insights from data trapped in your disparate campus IT systems.

How to Tame Data Sprawl

Experts discuss technology and best practices that enable senior leaders to access the institutional data they need to make informed decisions regardless of where that data resides.

Will ChatGPT Ruin or Improve Higher Education?

Experts dive into the debate over whether ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools can coexist with traditional higher education pedagogy.