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Why Students Are Opting Out of College

Experts discuss surprising new data that show what’s actually driving an increasing number of high school graduates to opt out of college.

How to Reach “Gen P” Students

Experts explore data showing how pandemic disruptions continue to impact community college enrollment and student needs.

Why Virtual Tours are Here to Stay

Experts explain the value, strategy, and technology that drive virtual college tours.

Will the Supreme Court Kill Affirmative Action in Admissions?

Natasha Warikoo joins the podcast to discuss her new book and the future of affirmative action in admissions.

Will Your School Start Recruiting Incarcerated Students?

Experts discuss opportunities created by the restoration of Pell Grant funding for incarcerated students.

How Northern Arizona U. Is Tackling the Access and Affordability Gap

NAU President José Luis Cruz Rivera joins EAB’s Tom Sugar to discuss new approaches to fulfilling higher education’s promise of being an engine of economic and social mobility.

How to Achieve Financial Sustainability Amid Declining Enrollment

Experts examine higher ed cost pressures and possible sources of revenue growth as institutions work to achieve financial sustainability.

College Decision Day Has Come and Gone. Now What?

Guests share findings from EAB’s recent survey of 15k high school students and offer strategies to engage new admits over the summer to boost yield.

Are Alternative Online Credentials a Threat or Opportunity?

A surge in consumer demand for faster and cheaper education credentials has pushed colleges to compete and sometimes partner with alternative online providers.

How the Pandemic is Changing Tuition Pricing and Financial Aid

EAB experts discuss the pitfalls of “pandemic pricing,” the best way for schools to distribute financial relief to families, and the importance of communicating the rationale behind tuition prices.