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How Colleges Can Grow Community Service Despite Coronavirus

Representatives from The Urban Alliance and Streetwise Partners join the podcast to discuss how the pandemic and recent civil unrest have impacted volunteerism. They also share tips for institutions looking…

Higher Ed Podcast | Office Hours with EAB

A new podcast from EAB experts to share ideas, insight, and inspiration with higher ed leaders.

Highlights from EAB’s “State of the Sector” Research

An all-star panel discusses EAB’s latest research into the biggest threats and opportunities facing higher education today.

How Admissions Offices Actually Work

Experts explain how admissions teams evaluate the thousands of applications that typically arrive at this time of year.

Interview with "Inside Higher Ed" Editor, Scott Jaschik

EAB’s Carla Hickman turns the tables on Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik in an interview that touches on the most important news stories impacting higher education today.

How to Manage a PR Crisis

Experts share tips on ways to manage or better yet, prevent a PR crisis from throwing your institution into chaos.

How UCA is Creating a Debt-Free Pathway to a College Degree

University of Central Arkansas President Houston Davis shares how his institution is offering a debt-free pathway to a college degree for all incoming Arkansas freshmen who qualify based on financial…

Will Biden’s American Rescue Plan Help Rebuild Higher Education?

Three EAB experts sort out the details of the latest federal stimulus package and share tips to help higher education leaders maximize the impact of these funds for the betterment…

How CSU Built One of the Most Diverse Cabinets in Higher Ed

CSU President Joyce McConnell shares her journey to creating one of the most diverse cabinets in higher education.

How Colleges Can Maximize the Benefits of the New Federal Stimulus Package

EAB’s federal policy expert outlines the major components of the latest federal relief package and offers guidance to university leaders still struggling to determine what it means for their institutions…