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Challenges Surround FAFSA Soft-Launch

Experts recap the new FAFSA's rocky “soft launch” and offer advice to admissions and financial aid teams on what they should be doing now to manage a fluid and challenging…

Mental Health, Healing, and Leadership

University of British Columbia President, Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon shares how his mental health struggles and healing journey inform his leadership style.

How Drexel and Saxbys Partnered to Boost Experiential Learning

Drexel University President John Fry joins Saxbys founder and CEO Nick Bayer to talk about the unique experiential learning platform they established to help students acquire career-launching job skills while…

Will the SCOTUS Ruling Influence Financial Aid Strategy?

Experts share insights on how financial aid professionals are adapting to the recent SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action.

A Conversation with US Under Secretary of Education James Kvaal

Under Secretary of Education James Kvaal shares his thoughts on student debt relief, free community college programs, the role of HBCUs, and much more.

Lessons in Leadership from UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski

UMBC President, author, and civil rights leader Freeman Hrabowski talks about his extraordinary life and career in higher education.

The Evolving Role of the Chief Diversity Officer

Experts discuss ways that the role of Chief Diversity Officer is changing and explore broader DEI initiatives that have to be prioritized within our institutions.

Peek Inside a Higher Ed Merger

Saint Leo President Jeffrey Senese offers a glimpse inside his school’s acquisition of Marymount California University and shares his philosophy on higher education leadership.

Why Market Share-Not Demographic Shifts-Should Drive Your Recruiting Strategy

The data suggest your institution is more heavily impacted by losing market share to competitors than by the infamous demographic cliff. Does your recruiting strategy reflect that reality?

COVID-19 Campus Reopening Mistakes and Victories

EAB experts examine the good, the bad, and the ugly from campus repopulation efforts this fall and suggest changes university leaders may need to make before the spring semester.