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Has Time Run Out on TikTok as a Marketing Tool?

Experts explore how banning TikTok on college campuses will impact efforts to engage students, staff, and other target audiences.

Virtual Reality is Transforming Higher Ed

Experts explore the growing use of virtual reality across higher ed as both a learning tool and as a way for families to tour and learn about your campus from…

Legal Expert Art Coleman Examines the Affirmative Action Ruling

Legal expert Art Coleman outlines the shortcomings, contradictions, and ambiguities within the recent SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action in university admissions.

How to Encourage Student Help-Seeking Behavior

Guests share tips on how to encourage and support help-seeking behavior by students.

Will FAFSA Simplification Make Life Easier for Colleges and Applicants?

Experts discuss FAFSA simplification and offer advice to university leaders on how to communicate with students now about what the changes may mean to them.

Top Priorities for Community Colleges in 2024

EAB experts discuss major shifts that have affected community colleges over the past year and offer advice on the most critical areas of focus for 2024.

How to Combat 'Digital Sprawl' on Your Campus

Guests examine the proliferation of purpose-built applications and IT systems that have taken over college campuses and offer tips on ways to tame that beast through digital transformation.

How to Build an Effective Graduate Enrollment Management Plan

EAB experts share tips on building a graduate enrollment program plan that matches the mission and strengths of your institution while also being grounded in marketplace realities.

Is Your School Doing Enough to Attract Transfers?

Learn why establishing articulation agreements with neighboring institutions is only the first step toward making your school a more attractive destination for transfer students.

Best Ways to Spend Your HEERF Dollars

Roughly 70% of all HEERF dollars remain unspent. Guests discuss the reasons and share advice on how to move forward with greater speed and intent.