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Identify 5 Defining Advancement Challenges for the Decade

EAB has identified the five defining challenges that advancement will face across the coming decade in this infographic.
Advancement Advisory Services

Hallmarks of Higher Education’s Most Strategic Finance Functions Infographic

Higher education finance leaders must prepare their institutions to effectively respond to external threats and market pressures. EAB has identified five characteristics—or hallmarks—of higher education’s most strategic finance functions.

Getting ahead of the total cost of ownership during project design

EAB's tactics to equip leaders to identify the design and construction interventions that will extend the life of institutional assets.
Strategic Advisory Services

7 Myths About Winning Institutional Grants

Learn the truth about seven common myths when it comes to winning institutional grants.

The evolution of student success

Since it emerged as a priority in the middle of the 20th century, student success has changed a great deal. This infographic charts six "eras" of student success theory and…

Building a scalable support model

Complex student populations and limited advisor capacity make improving outcomes a challenge. This infographic outlines four key elements of a population health management approach to student success, including strategies you…

The “Murky Middle”

This infographic profiles different campus segments to determine where schools should focus their efforts.

What “Hidden Motives” Could Lead Your Students to Poor Decisions?

You may find yourself scratching your head when students make choices that undermine their own self-interest, such as under-loading credit hours or delaying their major declaration. Discover the unseen cognitive…

How Our Brains Learn to Read

Early readers must develop certain parts of the brain and build connections between brain areas that were not connected before. Our infographic, created for the elementary classroom, presents a simplified…
District Leadership Forum

Future Higher Education Economics

Facing all the talk about an economic model that fundamentally needs to change, executives must address a dearth of critical information.