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AI and the Future of Higher Education: Five Transformative Opportunities

From reshaping curricula to hyper-personalizing student support services, AI's footprint in higher ed is growing fast. What do senior leaders need to understand about this disruptive force? Explore the five…

Adam Wu, Ed.D.

Adam joins EAB after fifteen years in university admission and recruitment. At the University of La Verne, he served in roles overseeing both undergraduate and graduate admission. He developed a…
Associate Director, International School Partnerships

Survey Reveals Top Concerns of Admissions Leaders

Experts discuss key findings from EAB’s latest survey of admissions leaders.

What is IPEDS?

Learn what IPEDS is in higher education and how you can improve your IPEDS reporting. Get started with EAB today.

Enrollment Funnel Definition & Stages

Explore what enrollment funnels are, how they work, and how you can improve your processes by implementing custom strategies. Learn more from EAB here.

District Leader Research Briefing: The Real Reason Most Districts Struggle with the Science of Reading

With nearly 40% of fourth graders across the country unable to read at a basic level, early literacy has become a must-solve issue for K-12 leaders. District leaders and state…

What is Merit-Based Financial Aid?

Explore what merit-based aid is and how it contributes to student academic success. Explore aid optimization options with EAB now.