Experts discuss: Implications of the NACAC vote

This week, two of EAB’s foremost enrollment-management experts and a distinguished enrollment leader from one of our partner colleges met to discuss the recent changes to NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (CEPP). We shared the conversation with the broader enrollment community through a live webcast. Key issues covered in the conversation included: Whether […]
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6 common shortcomings of pricing and aid webpages—and how to fix them

In the age of price-sensitive online shoppers, college websites are the first resource for most applicants seeking financial aid information. Nevertheless, many financial aid webpages bury cost of attendance and scholarship opportunities deep in a series of clicks and financial aid jargon. Confused or frustrated, students may take their college search elsewhere as a result. Reclaim these lost students by tailoring web content to the way today’s college searchers are looking for affordability answers.

The State of the Enrollment Office: 2019

Findings from EAB’s 2019 Enrollment Operations Benchmarking Survey now available A common feature of high-performing enrollment teams is the close attention they pay to the practice of their peers. Are they spending more than other schools to land their freshman class? Should they have a more direct line to their institution’s president? How do their […]

Yes, even elite schools should be concerned about declining student populations

Demand for higher education is predicted to plummet sharply starting in 2026. But for selective institutions, our Enrollment Management Forum’s analysis of Nathan Grawe’s Higher Education Demand Index shows mixed messages. The big-picture view shows a bleak overall outlook for undergraduate enrollment, with a silver lining for the most selective institutions. But a closer look […]

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