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Research Report

Recruitment Strategies to Win Over Top External Talent

This white paper outlines the urgency drivers for why higher ed must modernize its recruiting and onboarding strategies to attract talent. Then, it provides campus leaders with 10 foundational solutions…
Strategic Advisory Services

Toolkit for Building an Anti-Burnout Workplace Culture in Academic Affairs

This toolkit provides guidance on how to emphasize your institution's commitment to well-being, reflect on current pain points, and identify opportunities for improvement in order to combat burnout in academic…
Strategic Advisory Services

The Growing Cost of Competition in University Research

In these sessions, we will explore the furthering of winner-take-most dynamics in research, how universities are thinking differently about their research investments and costs, and how the pandemic has heightened…

Why DEIJ Progress in Higher Ed Has Flatlined: Three Ways to Drive Concrete Action at Your Institution

In this webinar, participants will learn about how higher education ended up in this position and what leaders must do to drive progress. Specifically, we will introduce EAB’s newest partner…

2 programs that facilitate positive mental health conversations among Black men

Learn about two programs that have developed strategies to reduce reliance on overworked counselors and combat the stigma around mental health by promoting positive mental health conversations among Black men.

50+ Ways to Meet Higher Ed Employees’ Basic Needs

This infographic shares 50+ high-impact tactics to help colleges and universities meet higher ed employee needs around caregiving, housing, food, and transportation.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

EAB Virtual Strategy Forum—Chiefs of Staff

Join our first Virtual Strategy Forums by registering above to learn more from EAB experts and peers about emerging approaches to strategy—and prevent your next strategic plan from “sitting on the shelf.”…
Partner Service

Strengthening Your Talent Pipeline from Within

This EAB expert-facilitated partner intensive focuses on the financial, organizational, and strategic benefits of investing in internal career advancement.

Looking to the future of advising: 6 takeaways from the 2023 NACADA conference

This blog covers themes in academic advising, such as shrinking budgets and the future of advising, that emerged at the 2023 NACADA conference.
Strategy Blog

To design microcredentials that meet student needs, follow these 3 steps

This blog outlines three steps you can follow to design microcredentials around the needs of your professional and adult learners.
Adult Education Blog