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BIT/CARE Team Assessment

Assessing your institution's BIT/CARE team to identify gaps and future opportunities

Download this interactive assessment to improve the effectiveness of your university's behavioral intervention team/CARE team.

The increasing complexity of students’ mental health concerns has prompted institutions to evaluate their BIT/CARE team preparedness. Use this assessment to identify gaps and explore future opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

There are three steps to this assessment:

  1. Rate your institution using the questions in each section
  2. Calculate your score
  3. Review next steps and create an implementation plan
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    Assessment focus areas include:

    -Formalizing team processes

    -Recalibrating training outreach

    -Branding one-stop referrals

    -Consolidating case information

    -Monitoring complex cases

    -Linking BIT/CARE teams to student success

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