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Insight Paper

Supporting Gen P: Understanding the Next Generation of Community College Learners

We’ve uncovered six distinguishing traits of prospective community college students that can help leaders understand how to best support Gen P.

Student Success in the 2020s: 30 Priorities

Higher ed’s future will be written by how we respond to three trends: the diversification and shrinking of the traditional-age student population, waning public confidence in the value of a…

How can colleges prepare Gen Z for the workforce?

American colleges and universities are currently filled with the most diverse generation in U.S. history—Gen Z. But it’s not just companies who need to pay close attention—higher education also has…
Student Success Blog
Partner Story

How Pueblo Community College Leveraged Faculty Partnerships and Technology to Address the Community College Enrollment Crisis

Explore how Navigate helped Pueblo Community College leverage faculty partnerships and technology to address their enrollment crisis.

Using Strategic Analytics Data to Set Your Fall Cohort Up for Success

Join Starfish Strategic Leaders, Andrina Musser and Megan Speakman on September 6, 2022 to learn how to leverage strategic analytics dashboard to use past institutional data from first-year students to understand potential…

3 ways to combat the community college enrollment decline

Community colleges are facing steeper pandemic-era enrollment drops than any other higher education segment. Learn 3 ways community colleges can invest their resources to enroll more students and retain the…
Community College Blog

Student Communications: The Power of Texting

Tired of students ignoring your messages? Feel like email is dead and students only respond to texts? In this session, we will discuss the challenges of communicating with today’s students,…

How schools are expanding student mental health support without hiring more counselors

As many as 3 in 4 students now say they considered leaving college at some point over the last 6 months due to emotional stress. Few institutions feel they're fully…
Student Success Blog

Community of Practice for Institutions Using Starfish to Support Their Graduate Student Population

Join EAB Starfish Strategic Leaders as they kick off a new community of practice as they work with schools who utilize Starfish to support their graduate student populations.
Resource Center

Employee Recruitment and Retention Resource Center

Amid record-setting employee turnover and disengagement, higher ed leadership teams have little choice but to rethink how they recruit and retain talent. EAB's resource center compiles tools and resources to…
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