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Starfish Feature Update: Introducing Students Can Close To-Dos Without Review

Join Elise West (Starfish Product Manager), Chelsea Hunt (Starfish User Experience Designer), and Veronica Wooten (Starfish Consultant) to learn about the Students Can Close To-Dos Without Review feature. We will…

How can I become an anti-racist leader?

See seven questions college leaders should ask to identify and dismantle racist practices on their campus to promote equity.

Mitigate the Pandemic’s Impact on Equity Gaps this Fall and Beyond

EAB’s Meacie Fairfax and Ed Venit discuss equity gaps in higher education and ways the pandemic and recent social unrest threaten to widen those gaps unless universities take swift action.

Competency-Based Hiring Toolkit for University Advancement Leaders

Use the competency-based hiring to identify qualified transferable-skills candidates and attract them to your open positions.
Advancement Advisory Services

Address Student Basic Needs: Food and Housing Insecurity

Students can’t be expected to achieve academic success or personal wellness until their basic needs are met. Use this Roadmap to learn how student affairs officers can support food and…
Strategic Advisory Services

Navigate Student: Content and Promotion Strategies for Increased Student Engagement

We all know that students live on their mobile devices, but getting them to download and continuously engage with a student success application requires your institution to have a clear…

Scale Experiential Learning and Career Development

Today’s universities are under increasing public pressure to provide career preparation and support economic mobility. Learn how to create more opportunities for applied learning and help students translate between an…
Strategic Advisory Services

Design 2-Year to 4-Year Guided Pathways to Streamline the Transfer Experience

Guided Pathways was developed as a solution to stagnant completion rates, but implementation of this model varies widely. Use this roadmap to launch or improve upon your Guided Pathways efforts.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

A Playbook for Effective Cluster Hiring

Despite growing interest, too many cluster hiring initiatives fail due to a lack of appropriate planning. This white paper walks through the six stages of cluster hiring and recommended imperatives…
Strategic Advisory Services

Eliminate Administrative and Financial Barriers to Success

While most academic leaders think of advising, academics, or student affairs when thinking about student success, the administrative infrastructure of a campus has an equally key role to play. Read…
Strategic Advisory Services