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Research Report

Reimagining Experiential Learning

Competition for employment among recent graduates is fiercer than ever and expectations for new hires are high. This study explores opportunities for student affairs departments to help students develop workforce…

Barriers to Equity in Student Success A compendium of more than 100 equity gaps across the student lifecycle

Our infographic outlines 116 leading indicators of demographic disparities in student success metrics like retention, academic performance, graduation, and career outcomes.
Strategic Advisory Services

The evolution of student success

Since it emerged as a priority in the middle of the 20th century, student success has changed a great deal. This infographic charts six "eras" of student success theory and…

Building a scalable support model

Complex student populations and limited advisor capacity make improving outcomes a challenge. This infographic outlines four key elements of a population health management approach to student success, including strategies you…
Insight Paper

Supporting Parents of First-Generation Students

Parents are key influencers on college enrollment for all students, but the parents of first-generation students are less likely to expect their children to enroll in college than parents with…
Strategic Advisory Services

Community of Practice for Institutions Using Starfish to Support Their Graduate Student Population

Join EAB Starfish Strategic Leaders as they kick off a new community of practice as they work with schools who utilize Starfish to support their graduate student populations.

Student Communications: The Power of Texting

Tired of students ignoring your messages? Feel like email is dead and students only respond to texts? In this session, we will discuss the challenges of communicating with today’s students,…

Re-Enrollment Recs - Quick Actions to Take in the Final Days of the Year

Despite all you have on your plate, there are some quick and easy tactics to take in Navigate and Starfish that you can check off your list before signing off…

Using Strategic Analytics Data to Set Your Fall Cohort Up for Success

Join Starfish Strategic Leaders, Andrina Musser and Megan Speakman on September 6, 2022 to learn how to leverage strategic analytics dashboard to use past institutional data from first-year students to understand potential…

Starfish Quarterly Product Update

Join leaders from Starfish’s Product Management & Development team as they share what new innovations and improvements are coming next in Starfish.