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Why many enrollment leaders struggle with “student-centric” adult learner program design

Read our Q&A with a strategic enrollment planning expert for insights on designing successful graduate, online, and certificate programs for adult learners.
Adult Education Blog

Strategically Staff Your Adult and Professional Education Unit

Institutional leaders need to consider staffing models, both in specialization and capacity, to determine if adult and professional education efforts can grow. Staff roles and resources outlined below correlate to…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

How to Attract and Support Online Adult Degree Completer Students

In this webconference, we delve into the key characteristics of potential adult degree completers.
Partner Service

Credential Market Briefing and Innovation Workshop

Join our EAB-facilitated experience to educate your team on the certificates market and inform programming decisions.
Partner Service

Professional and Adult Education Web Presence Audit

EAB's audit will help higher ed institutions identify opportunities to improve their professional, continuing, and online education websites.

Finding and recruiting adult learners

Universities throughout the country are facing the same issue—a dramatic decline in the number of high school graduates projected in 2025. COVID-19 has created additional enrollment instability and undergraduate enrollment…
Adult Education Blog