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Credential Market Briefing and Innovation Workshop

Professional & Adult Education Advisory Services now brings EAB research to your institution via virtual presentations and workshops for diverse audiences, including professional, online, and continuing education unit leadership, deans, cabinet members, boards, and marketing and recruiting staff.

In the Credential Market Briefing and Innovation Workshop, EAB experts will facilitate an interactive session with your team, which includes a market briefing and activities to help you align the portfolio to market needs.

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Ideal Audience

This session is best suited for Professional & Adult Education executive leadership, marketing staff, and program directors.

Presentation overview

Part 1: Strategy Briefing (1 hour)

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    Discussion of alternative and short-format credentials that separates hype from reality

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    Sizing and growth potential for commonly targeted adult student markets

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    Segmented analysis of working professional student audiences

Part 2: Credential Innovation Workshop (1.5 hours)

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    Case study scenario focused on aligning credential design to the needs and motivations of distinct student segments

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    Small group activities and discussion about repositioning existing programs using student-first design principles

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    Checklists of key business decisions and internal considerations to accelerate implementation

Design certificates to meet student needs: Read about the market trends that make it difficult for certificate enrollments to take off and six successful certificate programs designed specifically to reach underserved markets, advance regional partnerships, and to continually test evolving market demand.