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The Promise and Perils of COVID-19 Testing on College Campuses

A senior representative from Quest Diagnostics discusses the current state of COVID-19 testing on college campuses, explains why testing protocols vary so widely, and offers a glimpse of new and…
Research Report

3 models for differentiated mental health crisis responses on campus

We’ve outlined three differentiated mental health crisis response models for college and universities, along with their respective benefits and challenges.
Research Report

How to take a more holistic campus safety approach

Some campus leaders are reframing the campus safety conversation around community needs in order to take a more holistic campus safety approach.
Strategic Advisory Services

Controversial Events Template

Controversial speakers and events are common flashpoints on campus. Manage the institutional response to these events with this tool, which provides a formal mechanism to promote coordinated, early planning.
Strategic Advisory Services

3 strategies to move toward holistic campus safety

EAB held a roundtable, Beyond the Blue Light System: Three Imperatives for Holistic Campus Safety, which explored strategies for transitioning to a more holistic stakeholder-centric campus safety approach. Discover the…

Responding to New Pressures on Campus Safety and Police: Balancing Stakeholder Demands, Student Well-Being, and Security Considerations

This webinar explores the numerous pressures influencing institutions’ approaches to campus safety and police - and reforms or changes to consider.

Providing Virtual Support to Students and Staff During Crisis

While these are certainly trying times, various circumstances can necessitate virtual services from today’s colleges and universities. Watch the on-demand webconference where EAB's Christina Hubbard, Senior Director of Strategic Research,…

Manage Campus Climate Flashpoints

Learn how to manage campus climate flashpoints that cause heightened levels of activism, media and public scrutiny, and reputational damage.
Strategic Advisory Services

5 actions boarding school leaders should consider when navigating COVID-19

With rapidly evolving recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19, heads of boarding schools are quickly making decisions going beyond those of the traditional K-12 institution. Read the expert insight…
Research Report

8 considerations to improve the efficacy of your college’s bias response team

The following insights encourage institutions—even those with long-standing bias response teams—to review the team’s policies and procedures to ensure they are working as effectively as possible.
Strategic Advisory Services