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Research Report

How universities are planning return-to-work policies and guidelines

As the pandemic subsides, college and university leaders must decide how their campuses will operate in a post-pandemic world. To better understand the return-to-work decisions being made, EAB deployed a…
Strategic Advisory Services

Stakeholder Assessment Toolkit for Change Management

As IT organizations pursue small- and large-scale transformations on their campuses, poor stakeholder communication can easily derail good faith efforts to implement, update, or decommission technology. This toolkit will help…
IT Strategy Advisory Services
Partner Service

EAB’s Flexible Work Collaborative for Hybrid and Remote Employees

EAB has created the Flexible Work Collaborative for Hybrid and Remote Employees to help our partners understand the principles behind an effective flexible work policy, and develop a policy they…

Transforming the IT Organization: An Exploration of University of Sheffield's Product-Led Structure

IT units in the HE sector have long faced a “boom and bust” cycle of funding. IT projects receive a large influx of funding during implementation, but then face a…
Research Report

How university research teams should approach change management

University research teams often face high barriers to change on campus. To better manage and communicate new initiatives, explore the major takeaways from EAB's workshop on change management.
Strategic Advisory Services

How one of the world’s most sustainable universities is moving towards a more holistic approach

Climate change, natural disasters, and increased energy consumption have created unprecedented challenges for society. We spoke with Kathleen Packer, the Director of Facilities Management at the University of Wollongong (UOW),…

From Strategic Vision to Organizational Change Playbook

Change of a visionary scale is never easy, and community colleges need to prepare to tackle the challenges associated with institutional transformation. Use this playbook to understand the eight stages…