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Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce—Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit helps members design, launch, and maintain non-degree programs that exceed enrollment targets and cater to the needs of the Millennial population.
Research Report

Health Professions Study

As health care legislation spurs demand for health professions, COE units' program portfolios must keep up.
Research Report

Hyper-stackable Emerging Careers

In "Multi-Track Cybersecurity Pathways" and "Second Careers in Aging Services," explore how institutions have created degrees and certificates that appeal equally to employers and students, with an emphasis on stackable,…

Creative Disruption: Data Analytics

This webconference will assess the key attributes of the data analytics market for COE units—labor market insights, the evolution of student audiences, and competitive forces—and how COE units are ensuring…

Employer Demand Profiles

These profiles provide a snapshot of the employer demand in each state to inform portfolio and program brainstorming discussions.
Strategic Advisory Services

Assess the Maturity of Your Web-Based IT Support Services

Assess your web-based IT support services for usability, communication, availability, and personalization to identify areas, and relevant resources, for improvement with this simple audit.
Research Report

Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce Study

This study examines the opportunities and challenges COE units face in designing programs for three specific student populations: Millennial career advancers, early encore careerists, and tomorrow's business owners.
Research Report

Creating T-Shaped Professionals

In "Design Thinking Business Programs" and "Second Bachelor's Degrees for Career Starters," learn about programs that equip professionals with the skills that will make them well-rounded candidates for high-demand jobs.

Short-Format Leadership Programs for Millennial Advancers

In part one of "Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce," we explore short-format programs that exceed enrollment targets and serve as a recruitment pipeline to other programs.
Research Report

The Rise of Fintech

Financial technology, or fintech, is disrupting and democratizing the financial industry. This study explores fintech roles, skills, and opportunities for higher education institutions to align programs to fintech market demand.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

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