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The 3 big bets university presidents and provosts are placing on graduate and adult learner enrollments

As the graduate market moves away from its COVID-induced bumps in enrollment, and as undergraduate enrollment continues to fall short, university executives are facing more pressure to grow graduate enrollment.
Adult Education Blog

The 50 most in-demand skills for graduates of your master's programs

We know that graduate students often enroll to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for bigger and better professional opportunities. But which skills do employers seek most frequently, and which…
Adult Education Blog

Will Performance-Based Admissions Boost Graduate Enrollments?

Experts share lessons learned on piloting “performance-based admissions” to grow graduate programs.
Research Report

Fostering the Next Generation of IT Talent

This report outlines seven tactics for IT departments to develop the most effective student employment programs as possible.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Graduate assistantship budgeting and growth model

This project, part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship, seeks to incentivize Ph.D. student growth and review graduate assistantship budgeting with minimal financial impact.
Strategy Blog

Graduate Admissions Teams Are Close to the Breaking Point

Experts discuss findings from a new EAB/NAGAP survey of over 1,200 graduate admissions leaders that shows nearly half are considering leaving their jobs.

How to Boost Graduate Enrollment

EAB experts discuss the best digital channels and strategies for finding, engaging, and enrolling more students to grow your graduate programs.