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What could virtual reality mean for higher ed?

Learn four key lessons and ponder questions raised from the Presidential Experience Lab on what virtual reality might mean for higher ed.
Strategy Blog

Turn your non-university competitors into your collaborators

Learn how to use alternative providers to bolster enrollment, increase program flexibility, and reduce student costs in your own offerings.

Sustain Academic Progress in an A/B Hybrid Classroom

Most teachers struggle to transition to an A/B model of instruction, with many completely overhauling lessons and schedules from scratch. Watch this video to learn four steps to highly-effective A/B…
District Leadership Forum

3 tips for innovative and successful program design

See three principles to consider when developing new programs or reformatting existing programs to appeal to today’s professionals.
Adult Education Blog

Mistakes you might be making when marketing online programs

Here are a few of the mistakes your institution may be making when marketing to and recruiting online learners, and how to address them.
Adult Education Blog

Virtual Instruction Checklist for K-12 Educators

Every teacher must be equipped to instruct in a virtual setting this school year, but many struggle to do this well. This checklist summarizes 20 science-based instruction strategies that are…
District Leadership Forum

Simple ways to improve online student engagement your teachers probably haven’t tried yet

Although teachers are experimenting with hands-on learning assignments and online break-out sessions to engage students during online classes, many teachers still notice only a handful of students actively participate on…

Online Education Strategy Guidelines On-Demand Webconference Series

Listen to this 4-part on-demand webconference series to dispel common myths about the financial and enrollment benefits of online and hybrid learning and how institutions can best serve three critical…

Online and Hybrid Education Strategy White Papers

EAB has developed four white papers to help member institutions better understand the broader trends in the online and hybrid market and how to serve three critical online student markets.

Assessing online courses—OSCQR rubric

This blog identifies an OSCQR rubric to assess online courses with, as part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship.
Strategy Blog