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Engage low-income parents in their students’ college search

Explore insights from our parent preferences survey for three key takeaways to help your recruitment marketing engage low-income families.
Research Report

3 Ways Institutions Can Help Expand Broadband

Learn how universities can leverage governmental and corporate funding currently available, collect necessary data, and organize community partnerships now to better prepare their communities for broadband development in this interactive…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Engaging Hard-to-Reach Families in Your District

This report outlines strategies employed by profiled districts in navigating the challenges of engaging hard-to-reach families in local communities.
District Leadership Forum

How school and district leaders can address systemic racism with their communities

Many school and district leaders are lost on how they should begin to engage their greater school communities to address systemic racism. Review EAB’s answers to five questions school and…

Independent School Student and Family Retention Strategies Compendium

In order to retain enrollments amid the COVID-19 pandemic, independent schools will need to be clear about what they can provide to students and families outside of face-to-face learning. To…

Minimize summer learning loss through parent text messaging prompts

All students are at risk of summer slide over break. Learn how parent messaging proves successful in preventing significant learning loss.

Optimize K-12 Programming for Today’s Parents

Today’s parents have changed, but independent schools have not, leading to key misalignments between schools and their customers. Explore resources that will allow schools to bridge that gap by developing…
Independent School Executive Forum

How to effectively reach Gen Z in 2022

We surveyed more than 15,000 high school students on their communications preferences. Learn about our key findings and what they mean for your college or university.
Enrollment Blog

Changing parents means new expectations for independent schools

EAB’s new approach for independent school parents includes rethinking which parents they invest the most time with and how they serve them. In doing so, schools can develop lasting partnerships…
K-12 Blog