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Independent School Faculty Morale Resource Center

Low faculty morale isn’t inevitable. EAB has uncovered outlier organizations across industries that dramatically improved employee morale despite challenging circumstances. Explore our Faculty Morale Resource Center for guiding resources and…
Independent School Executive Forum

Keeping Faculty at the Leading Edge On-Demand Webconference Series

This on-demand webconference series are designed to help academic leaders develop and execute a strategy for implementing a coherent system of continual faculty growth.
Research Report

Initiating an Employee Childcare Program

This research brief outlines how four profiled districts planned, established, and operate childcare centers for children of district employees.
District Leadership Forum
Research Report

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

This research brief outlines strategies used by six public school districts to increase teacher recruitment and boost teacher retention amidst the nationwide teacher shortage.
District Leadership Forum

4 short-term strategies to support teachers in responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

School and district leaders are facing many difficult choices in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, especially when trying to balance the needs of their students with the health of…
Research Report

Recruiting and Retaining Classified Staff

This report provides practices to increase recruitment and improve retention of classified employees at school districts.
Research Report

Performance-Based Teacher Compensation Systems

This report assesses the components of performance-based compensation systems used by six profiled school districts. Our researchers also identify important considerations for developing and operating these non-traditional compensation systems.

Teacher Recruitment Toolkit

Many districts are concerned about teacher recruitment due to massive teacher shortages across the country. Discover a wide variety of ideas and accompanying tools to help districts inflect change at…

The Art of Focused Feedback

Use the FOCUS feedback method to provide faculty with observations that are quick, clear, and actionable to improve their professional practice.
Research Report

Hiring Top Talent

Faculty are the heart and soul of any school. But ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that schools are potentially missing out on great teachers. We've identified 14…
Independent School Executive Forum