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Looking to the future of advising: 6 takeaways from the 2023 NACADA conference

This blog covers themes in academic advising, such as shrinking budgets and the future of advising, that emerged at the 2023 NACADA conference.
Strategy Blog

Disaggregating Data for Equity: How CSU Fullerton’s Advising Department Used Navigate Appointment Data to Translate Institutional Equity Goals Into Action

Across the past few years, schools in the CSU system have committed themselves to eliminating equity gaps across racial and economic demographics. As a result, CSU Fullerton’ Academic Advisement Center,…

Are these stale debates stalling advising reform at your school?

Colleges want to use the momentum of pandemic recovery to take on longstanding stalemates that have impeded academic advising reform. See how to get past stale debates to create new…
Student Success Blog

Starfish Quarterly Product Update

Join leaders from Starfish’s Product Management & Development team as they share what new innovations and improvements are coming next in Starfish.

Practice Deep-Dive Series: Breaking Down Silos Between Financial Aid and Student Success

EAB shares insight from research on how institutions can improve student success by better integrating financial aid and academic advising efforts.

Managing a Student Success Team in a Virtual Environment

In this webconference, advising and student success leaders will receive guidance on how to manage a team remotely, including suggestions for efficient activity reporting, using Navigate to track critical student…

Student success lessons learned from 12 small colleges

A student success leader (and small school alumus) shares important lessons learning from working with a dozen small colleges and universities.

Forget the games—give students smartphone apps that will benefit them

Learn how an app helped Robert Morris University retain more first-year students.
Research Report

A Student-Centered Approach to Advising Study

No role on campus is more critical to supporting retention and completion than that of the student advisor. But too often, advisors are focused on curricular transactions rather than holistic…
Strategic Advisory Services

Breaking Through the Student Communications Barrier (For Frontline Staff)

During this session, our experts share strategies, scripting, and email templates that advisors in the Collaborative have found highly effective for promoting desired student actions both via email and in…