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Why the right time is now to invest in renewable energy production on my campus

A public university has two major operating revenues, if one of them doesn’t increase over time……well you get it. Budgets have been, and always will be in my experience, “tight.”…

Three Strategies to Manage Energy Costs of New and Existing Infrastructure On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, learn how institutions are re-imagining recommissioning, retrofits, and continuous commissioning exercises to help enhance efficiency investments and reduce long-term utility costs.

Getting ahead of the total cost of ownership during project design

EAB's tactics to equip leaders to identify the design and construction interventions that will extend the life of institutional assets.
Strategic Advisory Services

Future Higher Education Economics

Facing all the talk about an economic model that fundamentally needs to change, executives must address a dearth of critical information.

The Essential Recipe for Process Improvement

This webinar is designed for campuses that are ready to jump into the world of process improvement through various process improvement approaches in five essential steps.

3 Cost Efficiency Metrics Every Department Chair Should Watch

In this webconference, discover 3 analyses that help drive department action around key contributors to financial health: faculty workload, instructional capacity, and teaching productivity.
Resource Center

Process Improvement Resource Center

Explore this resource center for strategies and best practices on process improvement.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

Compendium of Sustainability Initiatives in Higher Education

Choose from a menu of over 100 higher ed sustainability initiatives, complete with prioritization guidance and higher ed case studies.
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Compendium of Design and Construction Tactics to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

Facilities leaders can use these proven early designand construction strategies to extend the life ofinstitutional assets.
Strategic Advisory Services

COVID-19 Administrative Cost Containment Playbook

The compendium is a picklist to help executives evaluate and choose the cost containment tactics best suited for their institutions.
Strategic Advisory Services