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Research Report

Four strategies to support economic justice at your institution

As leaders of economic growth and social reform within their locality, institutions must turn innate economic activity into strategic initiatives and audit intentional economic development programs to ensure inclusivity, accessibility,…
Strategic Advisory Services

The Promise and Perils of COVID-19 Testing on College Campuses

A senior representative from Quest Diagnostics discusses the current state of COVID-19 testing on college campuses, explains why testing protocols vary so widely, and offers a glimpse of new and…
Insight Paper

How COVID-19 is shaping digital student activism

2020 created a perfect storm to expedite the evolution of digital student activism. Students are innovating to find virtual replacements for some of the essential functions of in-person activism: building…
Strategic Advisory Services

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on campus mental health—here’s what you can do to help

In the face of long-term stress and uncertainty, here's what can higher ed leaders do to support their staff and students.

Students are opting out of submitting test scores. Here’s what you need to know

To help VPEMs and their teams navigate this newly test-optional landscape, our analysts looked at the extent to which students are taking advantage of test-optional opportunities. We also considered what…

Inside Higher Ed’s News Editor on the COVID-19 Stories You Should Know

Paul Fain, news editor at Inside Higher Ed, joins EAB’s Carla Hickman to share the COVID-19 stories that have gotten the most attention, what that says about college and university…

Student Success in Summer and Beyond

In this new remote world, students find themselves in a situation for which many are ill-prepared. In this webinar, we discuss how to promote student success in a remote space…

3 questions guiding fall term scenario planning for academic leaders

Explore 3 questions guiding fall semester 2020 scenario planning, and emerging trends in how colleges and universities are responding to the uncertainty.
Research Report

The impact of COVID-19 on Facilities work and staff: results of EAB’s survey of senior facilities officers

To better understand the decisions made by Facilities leaders, EAB deployed a survey across mid-April to measure the impact of COVID-19 on operations.

Is your data ready to support COVID-19 recovery?

Ask these three questions to evaluate your data readiness to respond to COVID-19, across key principles of accessibility, quality, and agility.