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Deep Dive: Text Parsing and Handling Strings in Construct

This webinar will help you leverage Construct towards scalable text transformations on your data. We're not assuming any background experience with text manipulations, so come as you are, and find…
Insight Paper

Activating the Analytics Mandate

Our research found is that higher education is missing a key ingredient: a mechanism to store and source data from disparate systems, in one central location, under a governed data…

3 challenges holding back your business intelligence efforts

Learn how your campus’s complicated technology infrastructure may be holding back strategic analytics efforts.

Establish Sustainable Data Governance

Without effective data governance, campus leaders are left with inconsistent information across disparate silos, which limits their ability to generate useful analysis and to effectively secure sensitive information. Read this…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Get data governance decisions right

This video outlines how to create a quick and efficient data governance decision process.

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5 answers to your most pressing questions on CCPA, the latest privacy law

We answer five common questions about what the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) means for higher ed—and how colleges can best prepare.
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