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What Colleges Can Learn from UofM Partnerships with FedEx and Others

The Executive Dean of UofM Global shares lessons learned from building and sustaining corporate partnerships with FedEx and more.

Toolkit to Grow Employer Partnerships

To aid in implementation of critical disciplines to grow employer partnerships, use the following tools to navigate the most complex portions of the partnership process.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services
Research Report

Expanding Corporate Training Programs

This white paper explores cost-effective strategies to identify potential employer partners, sustain long-term training partnerships, and design programs around employers’ customized needs.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges
Research Report

Build a foundation for successful employer partnerships

Employer partnerships offer a dual value proposition: colleges and universities increase their revenue and recognition, while regional companies get high-quality employee education at scale.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Employer Needs Assessment Template

A pre-pitch assessment can identify employer needs. Use a pre-determined list of questions and ask an HR representative about specific learning objectives, key influencers and sponsors, and audience for the…

Becoming an Employer-Responsive Institution

Join us for this webconference as we present the best practices for cultivating sustainable employer partnerships, and discuss how these partnerships can help colleges make significant strides toward achieving their…
Research Report

Growing Corporate Training Revenue

Discover five strategies to increase employer outreach and your institution's corporate training revenue.

Employer Demand Profiles

These profiles provide a snapshot of the employer demand in each region of the U.S., U.K., and Canada to inform portfolio and program brainstorming discussions.
Strategic Advisory Services

Reimagining virtual employer engagement: three emerging practices from career services and employer recruiting leaders

As colleges and universities continue to gear up for the new academic year, career services leaders are grappling with how to connect students and employer partners in a virtual environment.…

4 lessons for higher ed chiefs of staff in improving government relations and partnerships

To discuss this changing role and offer a look at one chief of staff’s practitioner experience, EAB hosted a working session on “The Chief of Staff’s Role in Government Relations…
Strategy Blog