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Research Report

Help students find common ground for productive discussions on campus

Colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to foster a climate for civil discourse. Follow EAB's framework to find common ground for productive discussion among students and the broader campus community.
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Hallmarks of an Antiracist Institution: The Behaviors and Actions that Promote Racial Justice in Education

The ongoing national conversation about the deadly impact of racism has created an urgency around the need for dramatic change at all levels of society.
Insight Paper

How COVID-19 is shaping digital student activism

2020 created a perfect storm to expedite the evolution of digital student activism. Students are innovating to find virtual replacements for some of the essential functions of in-person activism: building…
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How to Respond to Flashpoints on Campus

Heads of school are being asked to respond to incivility in the classroom and events off campus. EAB recommends that schools prepare for flashpoints as part of their risk mitigation…
Independent School Executive Forum

Case Study Compendium of Campus Flashpoints

This resource is comprised of exercises to prepare heads of school and their leadership team for how to respond to incivility in the classroom.

Race, education, and protest: How one president leads boldly

President Fayneese Miller of Hamline University discusses nurturing a campus that sees racial justice not as an overnight project, but an enduring commitment for the university and the community at-large.
Strategy Blog

Tabletop Discussion Exercise for Campus Activism

Discuss these prompts to assess your institution’s preparedness for a future outburst of activism on campus.
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Strategies to engage and respond to student activists

11 guides, worksheets, and templates to navigate the new wave of student activism

Campus Activism FAQ Builder

To help frontline staff answer difficult questions from external stakeholders, build a cheat sheet with key information and talking points.

Controversial Events Template

Controversial speakers and events are common flashpoints on campus. Manage the institutional response to these events with this tool, which provides a formal mechanism to promote coordinated, early planning.
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