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5 higher ed thought leaders we are following

Thought leaders are known for their innovative ideas and research, their work often serving as a catalyst for change in the higher education system. We asked EAB’s top experts for…
Strategy Blog

More Than a Statement: Learn How Ravenscroft’s Head of School Works with Her Board to Promote an Inclusive Community

To learn about how one head of school employed a proactive approach to engaging her Board of Trustees in the school’s efforts to promote a sense of community belonging, EAB…

Yielding the partnership pipeline

Many underrepresented minority students are inadequately prepared for higher education by high school graduation. This preparedness gap, which is greatly influenced by social inequities and other barriers, creates a pipeline…

Hallmarks of an Anti-Racist Institution: The Behaviors and Actions that Promote Racial Justice in Education for Independent School Leaders

The national conversation about the impact of racism following the murder of George Floyd and others has created an urgency around the need for change.

Exploring the behaviors and actions that promote racial justice in K-12

Learn about each of the seven hallmarks of an anti-racist K-12 institution through the lives of four BIPOC community members in this interactive infographic.
Independent School Executive Forum

What universities can do to advance student belonging

While student belongingness is a broad topic, a growing body of academic research offers insights into what drives belonging, and why it's important to support it.
Student Success Blog
Research Report

Bring Barbershop Sessions to Campus

EAB analyzed sense of belonging data from the 2020 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and found Black and Latino students, particularly men, struggle to find a sense of community…
Strategic Advisory Services
Press Release

Two New Regions Commit to EAB's National "Moon Shot for Equity"

Three regional clusters of colleges now working with each other and EAB to erase equity gaps

ASU President Michael Crow Shares Strategies for Driving Institutional Change

ASU President Michael Crow discusses systemic flaws in the higher education system and shares tips on how to drive change at your institution.
Resource Center

The Modern Student Experience

Explore EAB's latest research on the modern student experience and see how your student supports can evolve to meet the needs and expectations of today.