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Insight Paper

Insights From the 2023 Naviance Student Survey

Uncover insights about middle and high school students' postsecondary plans from PowerSchool's survey of Naviance students.

How 1,000+ prospective HBCU students conducted their college search

Survey responses from HBCU-seeking students indicate clear trends in how students search for and evaluate colleges, which can help HBCU enrollment leaders maximize recruitment among that population. Discover two of…
Enrollment Blog
Insight Paper

Quantifying How Influence Channels Drive Enrollment

This insight paper explores how to leverage college search channels to drive enrollment success at your institution.
Insight Paper

Supporting Gen P: Understanding the Next Generation of Community College Learners

We’ve uncovered six distinguishing traits of prospective community college students that can help leaders understand how to best support Gen P.

How to Reach “Gen P” Students

Experts explore data showing how pandemic disruptions continue to impact community college enrollment and student needs.

Student Success in the 2020s: 30 Priorities

Higher ed’s future will be written by how we respond to three trends: the diversification and shrinking of the traditional-age student population, waning public confidence in the value of a…

Breaking Down Barriers to College Access: Announcing Enroll360 Match’s New Partnership with PowerSchool Naviance®

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about Enroll360 Match’s partnership with PowerSchool Naviance®.

Why Virtual Tours are Here to Stay

Experts explain the value, strategy, and technology that drive virtual college tours.

Has Time Run Out on TikTok as a Marketing Tool?

Experts explore how banning TikTok on college campuses will impact efforts to engage students, staff, and other target audiences.

Why Parent Engagement Should Be a Central Focus of Your Recruiting Strategy

Experts share findings from a new survey that shows why treating parent engagement as an afterthought in your recruiting strategy is a huge mistake.