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Our partners implemented strategic advising campaigns at 40 schools in 27 states. Here's what we learned.

Read this post to see what we learned about using student success analytics to design effective strategic advising campaigns from the inaugural Navigate Data-Driven Student Support Cohort.
Student Success Blog

Implementing a caseload management model in a newly centralized division

Read our fellowship blog to learn how Melissa Grant at Pace University helped to build a streamlined caseload-management advisement strategy.
Strategy Blog

Top Priorities for Community Colleges in 2024

EAB experts discuss major shifts that have affected community colleges over the past year and offer advice on the most critical areas of focus for 2024.
Research Report

Bring Barbershop Sessions to Campus

EAB analyzed sense of belonging data from the 2020 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and found Black and Latino students, particularly men, struggle to find a sense of community…
Strategic Advisory Services

5 Tips for Recruiting and Enrolling Latine/x Students in Your Community College

Prospective Latine/x college students in the U.S. are the most likely to choose community college as their first step when pursuing a higher education. But they're also more likely to…

3 ways to combat the community college enrollment decline

Community colleges are facing steeper pandemic-era enrollment drops than any other higher education segment. Learn 3 ways community colleges can invest their resources to enroll more students and retain the…
Community College Blog

Introduction to experiential course maps: four essential components to equip students on their journey

At their best, course maps reflect an ideal student experience in each academic programme at your institution. They go beyond listing required modules and seminars by depicting the interpersonal, service…

From First-Generation Student to College President

Gregory Haile shares his journey to become Broward College President. He also urges university leaders to think beyond the “campus-bound” college model.

Headcount up, enrollment down?

For colleges that find their headcount up while overall enrollment is down, here are three strategies that could generate a last-minute enrollment boost.

The pandemic is wreaking havoc on campus mental health—here’s what you can do to help

In the face of long-term stress and uncertainty, here's what can higher ed leaders do to support their staff and students.