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Research Report

The Title IX cheat sheet: What’s changed and what’s changing

To help clarify the evolving landscape, EAB has reviewed Title IX policies from the last three presidential administrations as well as legal scholarship to identify significant changes and hypothesize what…
Strategic Advisory Services

Colorado College creates a tri-part chief diversity officer model

Chief diversity officers (CDOs) carry the monumental responsibility of creating meaningful and sustained structural and cultural change at an institution. For CDOs to be effective, they must have direct access…

Promote a Culture of Civility on Independent School Campuses

Heads of school are increasingly being asked to respond to incivility in the classroom and events off campus. Discover five steps independent schools can follow to reduce tension, address flashpoints,…
Independent School Executive Forum

How to Respond to Flashpoints on Campus

Heads of school are being asked to respond to incivility in the classroom and events off campus. EAB recommends that schools prepare for flashpoints as part of their risk mitigation…
Independent School Executive Forum

Case Study Compendium of Campus Flashpoints

This resource is comprised of exercises to prepare heads of school and their leadership team for how to respond to incivility in the classroom.
Resource Center

Campus Climate Survey Resource Center

Create a survey for your campus to measure students’ experiences with diversity, inclusion, and sexual violence.
Strategic Advisory Services

Addressing Campus Climate Flashpoints: A Briefing for Institutional Leaders

This webconference will focus on how to better assess and prepare for flashpoints on campus.
Resource Center

Build and Maintain Trust with Student Activists

EAB identified three imperatives to help student affairs leaders build trust with student activists. This resource center will help you and your team asses performance in these three areas and…
Strategic Advisory Services

How Promoting Institutional Values Strengthens Campus Climate

Statements that isolate university free speech values may disharmonize students who question if the institution values diversity and inclusion to the same extent as free speech. To promote a holistic…

Controversial Events Template

Controversial speakers and events are common flashpoints on campus. Manage the institutional response to these events with this tool, which provides a formal mechanism to promote coordinated, early planning.
Strategic Advisory Services