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Mentoring and Advancement from Postdoc to Full Professor

In this webconference, we will discuss how to make sure that all faculty across the tenure ranks feel welcomed and invested in by the institution.

Moon Shot Roundtable: BIPOC Faculty Recruitment

During this event we will cover a broad overview of best practices in BIPOC faculty recruitment and explore a candidate centric model of hiring.

10 tips to make your faculty recruitment website more candidate friendly

To attract a diverse range of faculty candidates, institutions must pitch not only the professional aspects but also the personal aspects of what it means to be welcome and included…
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How CSU Built One of the Most Diverse Cabinets in Higher Ed

CSU President Joyce McConnell shares her journey to creating one of the most diverse cabinets in higher education.
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The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Resource Center

EAB's DEIJ Resource Center brings together our vast library of best-practice DEIJ research, tools, and insights dedicated to helping college and university leaders cultivate diversity, foster inclusion, promote equity, and…
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Hosting Prospective Faculty Education and Recruitment Events

Through an educator open house or diversity hiring fair, you can reach candidates that match your current hiring priorities, with candidates who may have been previously overlooked.
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Breakthrough Advances in Faculty Diversity

Helps administrators identify and implement the most effective strategies for increasing faculty diversity on their campuses.

4 elements of an inclusive job ad

We poured over hundreds of faculty job postings to identify where the greatest opportunities to demonstrate a true commitment to faculty diversity and inclusion were.

Use the faculty interview to demonstrate an institutional commitment to diversity

We profiled two advanced institutions who are helping their faculty better answer candidate questions about the campus climate and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity in the interview process.
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How to know when cluster hiring for faculty diversity works—and when it doesn’t

As more institutions set diversity goals, competition for the best faculty candidates continues to intensify. As a result, academic leaders must take immediate action to increase the diversity of their…
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