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Coronavirus Outbreak’s Impacts on Canadian Employer Demand

Explore EAB's analyses of Canadian regional market data in your portfolio planning conversations, as well as the recommended questions for discussion.

The COVID-19 Outbreak’s Impacts Across the Professional and Adult Portfolio

As the coronavirus crisis impacts professional job prospects and university enrollment targets, professional and adult education units must develop innovative and flexible programs which meet the evolving needs of the…

Coronavirus Outbreak’s Impacts on U.S. Employer Demand

While the total impact on our economy will take months to unfold, EAB is providing initial analyses of regional labor market data to inform program planning conversations.​ Consider this early…

CBOs are struggling to make revenue assumptions for FY21. Here’s what we learned from a group of them.

Universities are struggling to create and adapt budgets for the upcoming fiscal year because of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Read the key takeaways from our conversations with CBOs on…

3 things you need to know about the shifting adult learner market

When it comes to enrolling the "responsible" generation in continuing education programs, learn three higher ed marketing truths you need to know.
Adult Education Blog

Employer Demand Profiles

These profiles provide a snapshot of the employer demand in each region of the U.S., U.K., and Canada to inform portfolio and program brainstorming discussions.
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Addressing the need for nursing education amidst shortages

Academic leaders recognize the need for nursing education but encounter three challenges. EAB dug into labor market data, reviewed the literature, and talked with successful programs to identify how schools…
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services
Partner Service

MBA Program Assessment

This outlines key takeaways from EAB's MBA research and provides you an opportunity to request a customized report on your institution's MBA program.

Should your new program be a standalone degree, concentration, or certificate? Here are 4 factors to consider.

Here are four factors to consider as you weigh whether to offer a full degree program or as a concentration or certificate within a degree program.
Adult Education Blog
Research Report

What higher ed can learn from restaurants

Restaurants have been one of the most hard hit industries in the pandemic, but they've also become the site of rapid business model innovation. Discover what higher ed can learn…