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How to target higher ed salary investments to bolster recruitment and retention

We identified four types of higher ed salary investments that address talent challenges. Learn how each approach can help bolster staff recruitment.
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Faculty and Staff Mental Health and Wellness Resources Website Audit

Improve the usefulness of your faculty and staff mental health resources webpage. This audit will help institutional leaders enhance their mental health and wellness resources webpage for faculty and staff…

How to Manage Admissions Office Staffing Challenges

Experts share staff recruiting and retention strategies, as well as steps that enrollment leaders can take to streamline workloads and support team members more effectively.
Research Report

Strategies to Support Remote Work Cost Savings in Higher Ed

Read the takeaways and then get started with our tools to create an infrastructure of policies and staffing strategy to optimize, scale, and support remote work cost savings.
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Preparing for the ebb and flow of schools reopening and closing

For all districts, whether they begin this school year remotely or in-person, epidemiologists explain that resurgences in the virus’s spread are expected, which will likely result in school re-closings. Here…

5 top priorities for advancement leaders in 2023

EAB identified 5 top priorities for advancement leaders from a survey of chief advancement officers across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
Advancement Blog

3 Reasons Why Faculty and Staff Leave Their Jobs Due to Climate

This infographic outlines how higher ed institutions can foster inclusive campus climate among leaders, managers, and colleagues.
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5 No-Regrets Analyses to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

This infographic highlights five impactful analyses that HR teams should conduct to isolate pain points and better recruit and retain top talent.
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Research Report

An Introduction to Staff Compensation Strategy in Higher Education

This brief is designed to teach non-HR campus leaders how to make their institution's staff compensation strategy more competitive.
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How Admissions Teams Should Navigate the Staffing Crisis

Research shows enrollment teams are experiencing unprecedented staffing challenges. Learn how enrollment teams are navigating the admissions staffing crisis.
Enrollment Blog