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Attack of the “Math Shark”: Why Unfinished Learning Is a Lurking Threat to Student Success in the Late 2020s

Recent middle school testing data shows us that we have a big problem lurking below the surface, an imminent yet largely underrecognized threat slowly swimming its way across the mid-2020s.
Student Success Blog

What does “student success” really mean?

What does student success mean today? To understand how we can better help students achieve success, I asked four of my colleagues to weigh in.
Student Success Blog

Navigate360 Quarterly Product Update Webinar

Join leaders from Navigate360's Product Management & Development team as they share what new innovations and improvements are coming next in Navigate360.

What happens to 100 students who start a bachelor’s degree?

In 2018, we used a representative 100 students to illustrate how colleges and universities across the country were delivering on the promises of higher education. Five years later, what has…
Press Release

EAB Enhances How Its Leading CRM Supports Students Before, During, and After College

New features, including application connecting students to employers, focus on postgraduate success

5 higher ed thought leaders we are following

Thought leaders are known for their innovative ideas and research, their work often serving as a catalyst for change in the higher education system. We asked EAB’s top experts for…
Strategy Blog

How schools are expanding student mental health support without hiring more counselors

As many as 3 in 4 students now say they considered leaving college at some point over the last 6 months due to emotional stress. Few institutions feel they're fully…
Student Success Blog

Implementing a caseload management model in a newly centralized division

Read our fellowship blog to learn how Melissa Grant at Pace University helped to build a streamlined caseload-management advisement strategy.
Strategy Blog

Care Unit Expansion Spotlight Series

Join us this summer for our Care Unit Expansion Spotlights! Each mini-series will be focused on using Navigate to support a specific Care Unit on your campus. Recommended Audience: Care…

What it Takes to Be a Student-Centered Institution

Watch the video to hear Dr. Lloyd’s motivation for pursuing new approaches to student success and how his team partners with EAB to achieve WMCC’s goals.