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How a virtual tour can improve your enrollment metrics

Explore the top ways that virtual tours can drive results across the funnel, along with tips for maximizing your tour’s impact.
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Navigating the New FAFSA: Post-Rollout Insights and Updated Guidance for Enrollment Teams

Join for a deep dive into where things stand with the New FAFSA.
Insight Paper

Insights From the 2023 Naviance Student Survey

Uncover insights about middle and high school students' postsecondary plans from PowerSchool's survey of Naviance students.

Why Students Are Opting Out of College

Experts discuss surprising new data that show what’s actually driving an increasing number of high school graduates to opt out of college.

How 1,000+ prospective HBCU students conducted their college search

Survey responses from HBCU-seeking students indicate clear trends in how students search for and evaluate colleges, which can help HBCU enrollment leaders maximize recruitment among that population. Discover two of…
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Resource Center

HBCU Resource Center

EAB is committed to serving as a thought partner for HBCU leadership to help support institutional strategy and student outcomes.

2023 in review: A momentous year in higher ed

2023 was a year of big changes. As we reflect on the past 12 months, we’re sharing what was most popular with our readers this year—including you! Read on to…
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The case for ChatGPT: Leveraging AI for admissions tasks

ChatGPT helps users avoid cumbersome ads and quickly consolidate results for simple inquiries. It can help you overcome writer’s block and even reinvigorate your strategy sessions. If you’ve never used…
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Who's on Match?

Download our newest infographic to learn more about the students you can connect with through Match and how our diverse student audience can support your enrollment goals.
Enroll360 Match

Survey Reveals Top Concerns of Admissions Leaders

Experts discuss key findings from EAB’s latest survey of admissions leaders.