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Partner Service

How EAB Supports Stakeholder Education on Advancement Topics

Explore sample Partner Intensive topics focused on higher ed advancement

3 possible student-athlete compensation models and what they mean for higher ed

Discover emerging student-athlete compensation models, learn how institutions will shift their athletic operations, and explore relevant news stories.
Strategy Blog

Independent School Executive Forum

Tailored support and resources for heads of independent schools
Institutional Strategy

Advancement Advisory Services

Research, expert guidance, and world-class tools for Advancement leaders and their teams

How Advancement Diversity and Technology Intersect at The New School

Experts discuss the importance of diversity and technology in university fundraising.

4 conversations every president needs to have with their cabinet about name, image, and
likeness (NIL)

EAB has identified four student-athlete enrollment questions presidents should ask their teams when talking about name, image, and likeness (NIL).
Strategy Blog
Partner Service

Campaign Concierge: Strengthen and Improve Your Higher Ed Fundraising Campaigns

EAB's Campaign Concierge is a service for Advancement Advisory Services partners that addresses pressing challenges and top priorities to strengthen and improve fundraising campaigns across the campaign life cycle.

District Leadership Forum

Drive progress on district priorities with resources, implementation support, and expert advice from EAB
Institutional Strategy
Research Report

Fundraising for Student Success

This report examines priority areas, campaign strategies, and related to fundraising for student scholarships and programs.