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Student Success in the 2020s: 30 Priorities

Higher ed’s future will be written by how we respond to three trends: the diversification and shrinking of the traditional-age student population, waning public confidence in the value of a…
Insight Paper

Ahead of the Curve: Navigating 10 Key Imperatives for Community Colleges Across the Next Decade

Unlock insights and resources on key imperatives for community colleges such as evolving higher ed perceptions and student expectations.
Insight Paper

Supporting Gen P: Understanding the Next Generation of Community College Learners

We’ve uncovered six distinguishing traits of prospective community college students that can help leaders understand how to best support Gen P.

How to Manage Student Success Data

Experts discuss the technology and processes used by forward-thinking institutions to define, track, and report on metrics that matter in assessing student success.

Master these 6 trends to recruit and retain ‘Gen P’ at your community college

In this blog, we’ll explore six trends unique to community college prospects. Understanding these trends will help you better recruit and retain ‘Gen P.’
Community College Blog

"It’s been extremely hard to concentrate": How the 2016 election affected students

About 86% of students felt emotionally strained and 20% felt physically distressed by the 2016 presidential election, according to a study published in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health…
Student Success Blog
Research Report

How Colleges and Universities Can Navigate Student Death

Use the resources outlined in this research report to learn about common pitfalls as you navigate student death and practices to avoid them.
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

3 Questions About Student Death and Institutional Readiness Presidents Should Ask Their VPSA Annually

This report outlines three questions to proactively clarify the president’s role and the institutional process in the event of a student death.
Strategic Advisory Services

How 3 institutions successfully raised funds for student mental health support

This blog explores how three institutions leveraged insights from attending EAB’s Student Mental Health and Well-Being Collaborative to successfully raise funds for student mental health support.
Strategy Blog
Press Release

EAB Moon Shot for Equity Institutions See Growth in Student Success at Third Anniversary

Original four Wisconsin institutions that helped launch the project with EAB in 2020 report significant progress on boosting student retention and graduation rates

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