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EAB Enhances How Its Leading CRM Supports Students Before, During, and After College

New features, including application connecting students to employers, focus on postgraduate success

October 10, 2023

Chicago, Il, (October 10, 2023) — EAB announced today, at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, enhancements to Navigate, the company’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) software for colleges and universities. These additions include a suite of features and applications that help students prepare for life after they graduate, whether that means finding a job or pursuing more education.

These enhancements build on recent product innovations—including expanded student recruitment features and AI technology—that enable advisors to spend less time on routine administrative tasks and more time with students. EAB is also extending its CRM to support alumni engagement and fundraising. Together, the changes support students to, through, and beyond college—and cement Navigate as higher education’s leading CRM solution. To reflect this growth, EAB is introducing a new name for the platform: Navigate360.

The latest addition, a new job-matching application called CareerAscent, connects students with employers and positions that align with their academic credentials and interests. CareerAscent builds on EAB’s acquisition of Seramount, a leading provider of talent and workplace solutions.

“Over the past decade, we have worked with our 850+ partners to combine cutting-edge technology with deep education expertise and rewrite the student success playbook,” said President of EAB Technology, Scott Schirmeier. “Recently, we added several features that enable students to signal when they need help so campus Care Units can assist them right away, and we built sophisticated campaigns that address common student challenges such as missed classes and unmet basic needs. These advancements—along with the latest additions to improve postgraduate outcomes—represent a new chapter in our work to boost student success.”

A young person’s definition of success increasingly depends on whether they believe there will be a strong return on their education investment. Now, Navigate360 supports students’ postgraduate success in three ways. It helps students prepare for important milestones along their early career journey, such as internships and job interviews. Students who prefer to continue their education can access an application that helps them find graduate schools and professional programs. Students who want to enter the workforce can explore and apply to jobs in CareerAscent.

“Navigate360 enables us to recruit students, keep them engaged and supported, and help them launch successful careers after they graduate,” said Cerro Coso Community College Dean of Enrollment and Retention Katie Bachman. “The evolution of the platform into a comprehensive CRM is a testament to EAB’s ability to innovate in response to rapidly shifting market conditions while keeping the needs of students—and their long-term success—squarely in focus.”

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