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Champions for a New Era: How CIOs Can Advance Post-Pandemic Institutional Ambitions

At this roundtable, EAB will convene CIOs to discuss how institutions can best support students and staff, even while dealing with an unprecedented IT talent crisis. These sessions are best suited for Chief Information Officers.

Envisioning a Multi-Modal Future Campus: A Call to Action for Cabinet Leaders

Join us for a conversation about the role of technology and multi-modality on college and university campuses, focusing on how hybrid and digital strategies can help leadership teams achieve critical mission goals like expanding access, improving retention and engagement, and containing operating costs.

Research and Services

How to engage your campus in a security-first culture

Cyberattacks have increased both in frequency and ferocity, leading to compromised operations, leaked personal data, multi-million-dollar losses, and even school closures. Now more than ever, IT leaders and their teams need the support of boards, cabinets, and the overall campus community to improve their institutional security posture and protect their institutions from devastating attacks.

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What IT leaders need to know about the state of the higher ed sector

At every turn, higher ed institutions must now compete to be the institution of choice for their students, their talent, their research funding, and more. Discover the takeaways about these challenges from our roundtable discussion with CIOs and IT leaders.

IT Resource Hub

EAB provides in-depth research and services for higher ed IT leaders to meet their most pressing challenges. We’ve surfaced best practices to help you navigate digital transformation, improve stakeholder communication, tackle data governance, and more.

Hallmarks of an Antiracist Institution: The Behaviors and Actions that Promote Racial Justice in Education

The ongoing national conversation about the deadly impact of racism has created an urgency around the need for dramatic change at all levels of society.

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4 things to know when planning for the future of teaching and learning

EAB convened 17 chief information officers (CIOs) to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the future of teaching and learning they see coming out of the pandemic. Read on for takeaways from the conversation, based on advice shared by participants and EAB experts.

How to get the most out of your security incident tabletop exercises: 3 lessons from the University of Auckland

Universities worldwide are scrambling to strengthen their security incident response planning as cyber-attacks targeting higher education rapidly escalate.

EAB’s Edify Helps Oregon Tech’s Student-Centric Initiatives

Putting Edify at the center of their digital enterprise has allowed Oregon Tech to choose the best-fit, best-cost solutions for campus without being beholden to a single vendor.


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Director, Strategic Research

Here’s how to sunset technology

This executive brief compiles best practice research to help IT leaders leverage data and principled tactics to mitigate risks, eliminate legacy and redundant technologies, and recoup valuable IT costs and resources.

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Working at the intersection of IT, campus leadership, and higher education, we help you unlock the power of data from campus systems and guide institutional transformations.


The first Education Data Platform built for higher ed, Edify aggregates and integrates data from all your systems in a central and highly customizable platform, helping you build an adaptable data foundation for the future.

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