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MySlice of Change: How Syracuse University Transformed Their People, Processes, and Technology to Create an Unsurpassed Student Experience

On most campuses, transformative student success work involves change: It often includes implementing new tools like Starfish or Navigate, redesigning advising or support processes, introducing new initiatives, or all of the above. Effective change management is essential for this important work to succeed, but many institutions struggle to overcome siloed structures and entrenched cultural resistance to change.

Expanding Your Coordinated Care Network: Configuration Intensive

Many of you are using Navigate to bolster and improve Advising workflows and are starting to consider bringing other support services into the technology. This Configuration Intensive series will focus on two of those support areas, Tutoring and Financial Aid, and walk through step-by-step the ways that you can use Navigate to digitize and streamline your processes.

Research and Services

Strategies for Engaging Faculty in Student Progress Feedback Through Navigate and Starfish

Periodic faculty-provided progress feedback on student performance and engagement in the classroom is a foundational part of any early alert strategy. However, its often a challenge to know where to start with (or how to improve) faculty engagement in those feedback mechanisms.


Making the Most of Your Intake Survey

As students return to campus, many institutions deploy intake surveys to better understand their students’ needs. Are you asking the right questions the right way? Do you have a strategy to follow up and support students throughout the term based on what they share?

Returning to Campus: What the Pandemic Taught Us About Student Success and What Leaders Will Be Doing Differently This Fall

The pandemic transformed how institutions served students: through profound loneliness and loss, practitioners worked to connect students with the resources they needed to persist and pursued opportunities to improve the virtual student experience. In many cases, even the most skeptical campus partners were convinced that student success is about so much more than just what happens inside the classroom.

2 Year Serving Students of the Pandemic

Please join us for a special webinar covering EAB’s latest research on how the Pandemic set the stage for the next decade of student success, with a specific focus on 2-year institutions.

Quick Reads

Are these stale debates stalling advising reform at your school?

Colleges want to use the momentum of pandemic recovery to take on longstanding stalemates that have impeded academic advising reform. See how to get past stale debates to create new models that better serve today’s students.

Are your emails to students limiting your equity efforts?

Small, intentional changes in the ways we communicate with minoritized students can help restore some of their trust in our institutions. Learn 5 common mistakes you may be making in your student emails—and how to correct them.

Two Key Areas to Maintain Momentum in the Wake of the Pandemic

As difficult as the last year and half have been, we should take stock of some of the positive innovations and advancements that have come as a result. How can we maintain this momentum to better serve tomorrow’s students?


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