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Higher education's business model is under threat from growing price sensitivity, demographic shifts, and increased competition. We can help campus leaders adapt, set strategy, and drive change in the new financial reality.

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Helping Chief Business Officers and VPs Finance and Administration manage institutional finance, operations, and future strategy through peer-tested strategies and insights.
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“Without the conversation and [EAB] expertise, we wouldn’t have gotten what we needed to prepare so well for our upcoming budgeting season.” – Chief Operations Officer, Private Research University

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  An institution’s work processes are its means of production. They determine how people operate. Simplifying and standardizing those processes can create efficiency, free up capacity, and even unlock opportunities to scale. Many formalized process improvement methodologies compete for attention, but you don’t have to decipher all the buzzwords. Regardless of which approach you adopt,…

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A major challenge to effectively leveraging data to drive change is picking the handful of core metrics that best measure unit performance. Given the countless ways to measure performance, unit leaders often struggle to choose the metrics that truly evaluate operational effectiveness. The first step to building effective management dashboards is choosing which performance metrics…

In this excerpt of research from EAB’s Academic Affairs Forum, we profile how senior leaders can encourage more data-informed decision making in academic departments. First, we examine the limitations of using institution-level metrics to evaluate academic departments and then fine-tune the recommended metrics to pursue three critical objectives at a department level: Cost efficiency Enrollment…

The first step to building an effective financial dashboard is choosing which performance metrics to monitor and display. Most finance leaders share a similar set of revenue and cost metrics and financial indicator ratios. Use the link below to review the most commonly used metrics and ratios so you can avoid recreating the wheel. Finance…


About the Webconference This presentation, a summary of EAB’s most recent “State of the Union” address, is designed for leaders on both the academic and administrative sides of the institution to understand key trends shaping higher education in 2018. The presentation will feature insights into new student markets, including online, international, master’s, and degree completers.…

About the Webconference When it comes to shared services implementations of any shape or size, determining the right organizational model is not nearly as difficult as winning over hearts and minds that the new structure will continue to deliver high levels of service and quality. This webconference highlights six lessons for managing the transition to…

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