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Higher education's business model is under threat from growing price sensitivity, demographic shifts, and increased competition. We can help campus leaders adapt, set strategy, and drive change in the new financial reality.

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Helping Chief Business Officers and VPs Finance and Administration manage institutional finance, operations, and future strategy through peer-tested strategies and insights.
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“Without the conversation and [EAB] expertise, we wouldn’t have gotten what we needed to prepare so well for our upcoming budgeting season.” – Chief Operations Officer, Private Research University

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Design a hybrid budget model

Watch our 2-minute video to learn how to create a budget model that best fits the financial needs and strategic goals of your institution.
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As your campus becomes more experienced in its process improvement journey, you may develop homegrown tools and resources—but the five steps outlined in this Roadmap should always remain your baseline.

Shared services developed a bad reputation in higher education in part because many early movers followed the private sector lift and shift model, “lifting” administrative personnel from units and “shifting” them to the new shared services organization all at once. In most cases, top-down mandates and mass migrations to shared services are neither desirable nor practical.

Many institutions are considering wholesale budget model changes to reinforce financial goals and strategic priorities, but there isn’t a uniform “one-size-fits-all” model that every institution should emulate. Learn how to design custom models that align with your institution’s unique strategic priorities, mission, and culture.