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Efficiency and Analytics

Academic leaders need university-wide data to make smart resource trade-offs and improve academic efficiency. We can help you manage instructional costs, course capacity, and faculty workload, all while building a culture of data-informed decision-making.

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Academic Performance Solutions

Best-in-class performance insights and benchmarking platform designed for academic leaders and built on the nation’s largest learning collaborative.
  • $446k saved by reallocating 2.5 new faculty lines to departments with
    demonstrated need
  • +11.5% increase in course completion rates across two targeted gateway courses
Learn how Samford leaders jumpstarted initiatives to target course completion rates and strengthen faculty line decisions with Academic Performance Solutions

Business Affairs Forum

Helping Chief Business Officers and VPs Finance and Administration manage institutional finance, operations, and future strategy through peer-tested strategies and insights.
  • 10+ years working with higher education chief business officers
  • Serving 300+ finance and administration executives
“Without the conversation and [EAB] expertise, we wouldn’t have gotten what we needed to prepare so well for our upcoming budgeting season.” – Chief Operations Officer, Private Research University

Research & Insights


Back in 2014, I worked with a team of researchers at the Gates Foundation to pinpoint main drivers of academic costs. We identified specific analyses that would empower department leaders to make smarter resource decisions. Over the past few years, these analyses are even more relevant as more colleges and universities face state budget cuts,…

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A major challenge to effectively leveraging data to drive change is picking the handful of core metrics that best measure unit performance. Given the countless ways to measure performance, unit leaders often struggle to choose the metrics that truly evaluate operational effectiveness. The first step to building effective management dashboards is choosing which performance metrics…

High failure rates in critical gateway courses are one of the biggest (and often under-prioritized) obstacles to student progress. It’s not just a matter of repeating one class—failing an essential introductory course can lead to student attrition or increase time-to-degree for hundreds or thousands of students at a single college or university. And while student…

In an environment of increasing competition, radical shifts in student demand, and growing cost pressures, academic portfolio review and strategic growth planning are more important than ever. Academic leaders need to be equipped with the right market insights to achieve enrollment and revenue ambitions. However, higher education leaders face a number of challenges to identify…

The Business Affairs Forum launched our first Implementation Collaborative in November. Implementation Collaboratives are a new service designed to provide both practical advice on “work in the moment” and professional networking opportunities for senior finance and administration leaders. Nearly 60 procurement leaders from across the U.S. and Canada joined four webconferences to share their current…


About the Presentation Everything about running a college is changing—as a result, we’re asking Provosts, Deans, and Chairs to make smarter decisions. At the same time, we are not equipping them with the necessary data, benchmarks, and tools they need to be successful. To address this challenge, EAB has partnered with over 70 institutions across…

About the Webconference In this session, we’ll introduce the five characteristics, or hallmarks, of effective future finance functions–and we’ll preview the organizational, staffing, and technological changes leaders are making to achieve those hallmarks. We’ll also explore the market pressures driving finance teams to expand their roles to perform more strategic budget planning and financial analysis.

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